What Do You Need To Know About CBD For Dogs?

CBD has been growing in popularity over the last few years with more people than ever before being persuaded to try this substance which has been linked with so many benefits.

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a compound found in the hemp or cannabis plant. There are a lot of misconceptions about Cannabidiol. Although it’s derived from the cannabis plant it isn’t psychoactive. Unlike THC, the better known compound in cannabis which causes the high, CBD causes no euphoria but instead offers pain-relieving and calming benefits.

How Does CBD Work?

The body has its own endocannabinoid system with receptors through the central nervous system, organs and brain. CBD targets and stimulates those receptors which is how it can produce feelings of relaxation, calm and pain relief.

Humans have found a host of benefits from using CBD oil, so it’s no wonder that some pet owners have wondered whether it could help their dogs too. Dogs also have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies and CBD interacts with its receptors in exactly the same way as it does with humans.

Dog owners who have given CBD oil to their pets have discovered that it is a highly effective natural remedy which can help animals which are suffering from many different conditions.

Relieving and Eradicating Seizures

Dogs which suffer from recurrent seizures are often suffering from canine epilepsy, and although there are pharmaceutical medications available to treat the problem, these can often produce unpleasant side effects. Even when they are given medication, 30% of pets often still experience seizures. CBD oil for dogs has proven to be useful for animals which are suffering from epilepsy and seizures. By taking CBD in large doses, it’s possible to manage seizures in dogs, reducing their frequency over time and, sometimes, even eradicating them completely. It also produces none of the side effects associated with pharmaceutical treatments. There is currently research ongoing into CBD as an effective treatment for dogs with epilepsy who have proven to be drug-resistant and pet owners who have already tried giving CBD tinctures to their pets have found positive results already.

Relief Of Chronic Pain And Arthritis

Many older dogs suffer from the pain of arthritis just like humans. However, CBD is able to help. Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints which causes pain and aches. Since CBD can relieve pain, it’s able to target aching joints and reduce inflammation to give pets relief. Studies are ongoing into the use of CBD oil to treat chronic pain in osteoarthritic dogs and the results have been very positive.


Anxiety is just as common in animals as it is in humans. Lots of dogs have anxiety disorders, becoming stressed and depressed in certain situations. Separation anxiety is one such problem which results in destructive behaviour. Between 20% and 40% of dog behavioral problems are thought to be associated with separation anxiety which occurs when dogs are nervous, frightened or anxious when apart from their owners. The symptoms include excessive barking, house soiling, panting, drooling and restlessness, whining and even vomiting. This is not only distressing for the dog but also for the owner. CBD has proven in studies to be an effective treatment for anxiety in humans and this has led to many people trying CBD tinctures for their pets too. They have reported many positive results, with their pets exhibiting fewer signs of stress even in difficult situations.


Just like humans, dogs can develop cancer and its associated symptoms like chronic pain, poor appetite and nausea. CBD oil helps dogs to feel more comfortable if they’re suffering from cancer, reducing the unpleasant side effects of the condition. When CBD is given in small doses on a daily basis it could even prevent or kill cancer thanks to its anti-tumor properties and its boosting effect on the body’s immune system.

Heart Disease

Just like humans, dogs can develop heart disease with around 10% of dogs believed to be affected. Valvular disease is the most commonly seen type of heart disease in dogs, although myocardial disease is another cause which usually affects larger breeds. Dogs with heart disease can display symptoms like difficulty breathing, poor appetite, coughing and fatigue. In human studies, CBD has proven to be helpful in treating cardiovascular disease by protecting the blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and calming an irregular heartbeat. It is equally effective in dogs.

Bone Disease

Dogs can, unfortunately, suffer from bone diseases like osteoporosis, panosteitis and HOD (hypertrophic osteodystrophy). Skeletal weakness can cause a host of problems for dogs, with weak bones causing fractures, pain and lameness. CBD has been linked to improved bone density in previous studies and many pet owners who have tried giving their pets CBD have found that their pet experiences less pain and better mobility after receiving the tincture.

Can CBD Help My Pet’s Overall Well-Being?

Research into the many benefits of CBD are ongoing, and there is much still to learn about the benefits of this cannabinoid. However, with positive results being seen on human subjects suffering from conditions as diverse as nausea and vomiting, inflammatory bowel disease and Parkinson’s Disease, it seems clear that there are many reasons why loving pet owners should think about giving CBD to their dog.

Should I Give My Pet CBD Products?

Since CBD is entirely non-toxic and produces a number of health benefits, it’s very safe to give your dog a CBD tincture. There is no THC to produce unwanted psychoactive effects and all the ingredients are entirely natural. If your pet is suffering from a health problem or medical condition, you should certainly consider trying a CBD oil tincture for your dog. As a pet owner, you want to do everything you can to help your dog, and CBD could make all the difference to your pet’s life. As long as you choose a high quality CBD tincture, your pet could reap the benefits and you could experience the joy of your pet’s company for a long time to come.














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